Registered Office Address

Registered Office Address Naples, Italy: establish your presence in Italy at minimal cost. Incubatore can offer a place to put your business location in Italy. With virtual office you can have an italian phone number where to receive calls. In our offices, besides the delivery and virtual office services you can also rent day offices, meeting rooms and long-term offices where you can set up your business in Italy. Italy is one of the EU countries attracting foreign investors. The most profitable sectors are: tourism, food industry, agriculture, manufacturing sector, real estate business.

Company Domiciliation in Naples, Italy

Incubatore offers company domiciliation services in Italy, providing its clients with a registered office in a business centre near Naples, Italy, from which to run their business. offers complementary service to company domiciliation: rental of serviced offices, equipped with advanced technology and logistic support. not only enables you to domicile your company in Italy, but also to benefit from our entire range of Corporate services.

Registered Office Address

Registered Office Address

Legal Domiciliation Service Naples € 49 per month

Service package subscription includes:
CONSULTANCY: access to basic pre-feasibility study and commercial consultancy services during the Centre’s service hours;
BUSINESS ADDRESS: use of the Centre’s civic address in post office box in Casalnuovo di Napoli for corporate domiciliation, postal domiciliation, legal domiciliation for the registered office of the company or company and commercial;
POST OFFICE BOX: receipt of business correspondence in the leased post office box, located in the square of the Center, freely accessible during office hours to pick up one’s correspondence;
ACCESS: access to the equipped common areas of the structure. Access days excluding holidays and days before holidays according to the Centre’s calendar: MON-FRI. Access to the center during working hours: 9.30-18.00.
CHECK MAIL: check for correspondence in the post office box (on request);
MAIL SCANNING: and forwarding via email or whatsapp (on request);
MAIL MANAGEMENT: mail management, sending to another address, sending and receiving faxes, copies, scans, prints;
BUSINESS CENTER and service center: availability of optional or pay-as-you-go services, Internet connections, rental of furnished offices, meeting rooms and classrooms per day, PC, video projector, secretariat, parking spaces, electric vehicle charging (excluding costs for optional management and forwarding services and other costs optional services)

Monthly price of the service € 49.00 plus VAT
Contract duration: one year, tacitly renewable.
Payment: annual advance Euro 588.00 + VAT.
Security deposit: Euro 150.00.
Prices, conditions and characteristics of the domiciliation and virtual office services may change without notice.

Characteristics of the Business Offices Address Services

The the service package includes:


Business address for corporate domicile, postal domiciliation, legal domicile as registered office of the company or firm, in the business centre in Via Nazionale delle Puglie, 9 Casalnuovo di Napoli, Naples, Italy; P.O. MailBox rent,  included;

Registered Office Address Naples Southern Italy

Receiving business correspondence in the MailBox placed in the forecourt of the Centre, freely accessible during office hours to pick up your mail

Company Registration

Mail collecting and forwarding it, as you require.

Company formation Italy
Access in business center areas Registered Office Address Naples Southern Italy
Access days excluding holidays and holiday eves second schedule of the Center: MON-FRI Registered Office Address Naples Southern Italy
Business hours: 9.30 to 18.00 company domiciliation naples

Service center with optional service as mail handling, scanning and forwarding by email, shipping to other address, sending and receiving faxes, copies, scans, prints, Internet connections, furnished office rental, meeting rooms, secretariat, use parking spaces

Registered Office Address Naples Southern Italy
Monthly price of the service € 49,00
Contract duration: one year, renewable by tacit agreement.
Payment: Annual Early Euro 588.00 + VAT.
Escrow: Euro 150,00.
Prices, conditions and characteristics of the domiciliary services and virtual office may change without notice.


More about Registered Business Office Address

Company Domiciliation Naples Italy have become interesting choices among investors due to the low office expenses: you will benefit from all the advantages that a traditional office offers, but with a fraction of a cost. You will have an office near one of the most important cities in Italy. Registered Office Address Services package offers you many benefits, as:
– Business address in Naples that will offer you a credible base for corresponding with clients;
– P.O. Box rent included;
– You will have the necessary registered office address in order to open a company in Italy;
– If you prefer, we will collect your mail and forward it (mail. whatsapp), as you require. In addition, we can receive packages on your behalf and send them to you, according to your instructions, using e-mail, fax or post.
Moreover, we offer additional services such as:
– You will benefit from a local phone in Naples with call redirecting to your preferred number;
– we supply extra usage of the meeting room.

Company Registration in Italy

Incibatore provides company incorporation address in Italy through its offices in Casalnuovo di Napoli. Incubatore can also help in company formation address services, as well as many other types of services, suited to all types of companies.

Registered Officed Address for types of companies in Italy

Limited liability company (S.r.l.)
Simplified limited liability company (S.r.l.s)
Innovative start up
Sole proprietorship
Public limited company by shares
Cooperative corporation
Benefit corporation

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