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Successful business leaders believe that networking is one of the most useful means to gain knowledge and let others know about your business. The more you connect with people, the more clients you create for your business. It also gives you the opportunity to learn from the experience of others.

The return on investing time in networking with right kind of people is much more than in any other activity. It is due to this reason a lot of countries hold global startup competitions or international tech events which see a convergence of talent from across the globe. Entrepreneurs, who understand its importance, attend events, workshops, and gatherings to get in touch with as many people as they can.


Networking: our shared coworking values

  • Our members believe in the same core values:
  • Collaboration of multiple businesses – sparking cross-pollination and new opportunities
  • Multi-functional space – servicing practical, inspiring facilities which enable businesses and people to grow
  • Personalised hosting – actively facilitating the community and creating social capital
  • Expanded network – broadening tenents’ experiences, connections, and profilePeer support – deepening a constructive and collaborative culture
  • Learning experiences – building intellectual capital through professional and personal development

Networking in its purest form is simply talking to people, making connections and developing rapport to grow your circle of influence. By developing long-term relationships for mutual gain and creating lasting impressions with people you will be learning a life skill which has many applications for you both personally and professionally.

Business networking should focus the attention on growing your organization and developing two-way dialogues that have benefits to all parties involved.

When you network you give and receive. Here are a few benefits of networking:

1. Information sharing. The depth of knowledge and experience from a group of people can be staggering. Networking will provide many opportunities to ask questions and receive feedback. Discussing other points of view really expands your knowledge base, and allows you to see things from a broader perspective. Learning from other’s best practices saves time, energy and resources.

2. Connections. When opportunity knocks you want to be in a position to take advantage of it. Many times there is a need for information-sharing, joint ventures, partnerships, and even needs for services. Having a wide network of individuals to contact may be the difference in seizing the moment or missing it completely.

3. Promotion. Whether promoting yourself or your organization, having a large network may assist you in moving your career forward, promoting a new product launch, or driving new members to your organization. Word of mouth is still one of the best forms of advertising. Spreading good information about you or your organization may provide leads for career advancement or organization growth.

4. Credibility. Improving your reputation and finding support are also benefits of networking. If you are successful at networking, you might get a reputation for being a person people will want to talk to and get to know. A good reputation leads to support. You may have valuable information, ideas, and resources those in your network may need. Establishing your desire to assist a colleague increases your credibility.

5. Self Esteem. Making new friends and socializing is an important aspect of our human nature. Developing new relationships leads to higher self esteem and confidence. By taking the steps to improving yourself and connecting to people you are moving your career forward. Your confidence will continue to grow as you become more comfortable with networking. Confidence draws people to you and opens up the opportunity to gain more information for yourself and share information with others.

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